White bits.

Not one for fake tanning I usually steer well clear of the ‘orange aisle’ in shops. However, being faced with a brand new Uni term and the prospect of getting my pale,  uneven skin toned legs out on display; I thought it may be about time I dabbled in some skin colour fakery.  Being relatively pale myself I didn’t want anything too dark, nor did I want something too thick  that would run or dissolve at the first sight of rain or humidity. Therefore, I thought I’d give St. Tropez Gradual Tan plus Firming a go, with the added benefit of being ‘4 in 1’ claiming to tan, tone, firm and moisturise!

I suffer with very dry skin, even though I exfoliate regularly and slather on the moisturiser. On first application I definitely noticed my skin looking  more radiant than normal, however it wasn’t until the following day that I thought my skin was looking browner. And yes, brown not Orange… hurrah! The smell of the product is quite like that of a man’s shower gel, and overtime does develop into that tell-tale biscuit smell of all fake tanning products, the odour is however mild and therefore not unbearable!

As for the toning and firming of my skin, I didn’t notice a dramatic difference to my chronic areas such as my thighs and stomach,  however the colour the product produced on my skin did alter the overall look of my body, improving the appearance as a whole! I would definitely recommend this product to those looking to just add a hint of colour to their skin without going over the top, application was easy as you can treat it as a normal moisturiser and don’t have to be careful of missing spots as it doesn’t seem to leave streaks!

Great first attempt at fake-tanning, and not a bad price at £19.99…would definitely buy again!


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