His n Hers?

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My hair is relatively flat, fine and struggles to hold any style for longer than a few minutes. I’m constantly battling to add volume and a natural looking wave to my hair, but hate an ‘overworked’ or product heavy look. Whilst searching for my next hair product to trial I stumbled across the new ‘Studio Line Matt & Messy’ hair range from L’Oreal, which claims to produce a ‘messed up, natural look with a matt finish’…just what I wanted!

L’Oreal has several product offerings in the range, one, aimed at women, the ‘Salt Spray‘ and for men, ‘Sponge Putty‘ and ‘Fibre Paste’. Already the owner of Lee Stafford’s ‘Sea Salt Spray’ I thought I’d cross the gender boundary and give the ‘Sponge Putty’ a go.

Having tried the product out several times I can say I am pretty pleased with the result. Unfortunately the product doesn’t come with any directions for use, so I winged it…simply rubbed a small amount between my palms after blow drying my hair, and scrunched the ends of my hair to reveal a nice, beachy, tousled look without producing a wet look or sticky feel!

The product smells quite nice, is easy to use and doesn’t dry the ends of your hair out. One thing I would say is that after heading out on a rather cold and slightly damp October day, the style didn’t last too long..you may just need a spritz of hair spray to hold the style!

At £3.57 the product’s definitely worth a go, I may even try the Salt Spray once I’ve finished my own…


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