Moisture Match Me

Unfortunately, spring has not yet sprung; and my skin is really suffering in the cold weather! In the need of a good moisture boost, I picked up one of the new ‘Moisture Match’ moisturisers from Garnier, in the hope it would sort my dry patches out.

Available in five different variants, Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match creams boast a ‘new generation of 24hr tailor-made moisturisers for all types of skin. As I have fairly normal skin myself, I was swayed towards purchasing the ‘Illuminating Light Lotion’…anything to give me a little more glow in these gloomy seasons. What’s more, the cream is packed with SPF20, so when the sun does finally shine I’ll be ready!

On first application, I was slightly worried at how shiny it made my appearance, particularly as I was careful to not use a lot! But, after several minutes the cream had absorbed into my skin, leaving only a slightly dewy glow to my complexion!

After three days of usage my patches of dry skin have practically disappeared, and I feel my skin looks more radiant! Fabulous product, with several different options for dry, normal, oily or a variety of skin conditions there must be one suited for everyone!

The only tip I would recommend is to not apply it in the morning straight before you want to apply make-up…the product needs a few minutes airing on your face so you don’t look wet!


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