Barry M-Arvelous

2013-08-28 21.30.15
I broke up with my Barry M nail varnish collection a few years ago after a spout of disappointment at their increasingly short life span, cloggy texture and lengthy drying time. However, after hearing so much hype over their new-ish Gelly Hi-Shine collection, I thought it was about time I try another fling.

Gel nail polish is the new in-thing; promising to last weeks longer than your standard nail varnish, it certainly answers a few prayers. Some friends of mine now head to the salon religiously once a month to have an OPI gel lacquer applied and removed, swearing by the quality of a gel over standard nail varnish. This is something I am not yet financially viable for, so I opted for a cheaper substitute!

At first glance of the collection sitting on the pharmacy shelf I was unsurprised to be faced with the tell-tale Barry M garish shades on offer, but as I scanned to the row below I was pleasantly greeted with a few more wearable shades; including a beautiful emerald green (Watermelon), a subdued pink (Pomegranate) and a desirable peach (Papaya). I opted for an eye-catching deep petrol blue (Blue Grape), a colour I had been coveting from Revlon’s Salon Pro range; slightly different and perfect for the colder months which will shortly be upon us.

After one application of base coat (I use Sally Hansen’s Double Duty Base & Top Coat), the Barry M varnish glided on to each nail nicely, providing a pretty even and solid colour straight away. The brush is thinner than I usually like but this is good for precision so long as the varnish is liquid enough to coat the nail before it starts to dry and leave that horrid streaky effect!

I gave each nail two applications to ensure each nail had even coverage, this gave an overall finish which was bold and very shiny! The colour is just as it should be and I found the varnish dried very quickly considering the consistency (Gel) is pretty thick!

So overall, not a bad re-introduction to Barry M’s nail offerings, and at £3.99 a pop they wont break the bank! Now to put them to the real test…just how long will they last before chipping…Await the update!


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