A Skin Thing

I don’t do much to the skin on my face. In fact, I find the less I do, the better condition it’s in. One basic I always stick with though is a good cleanser in the morning to get my face nice and clean. Already a firm favourite of Dr Nick Lowe’s skincare products, I thought I’d give the Purifying Foaming Cleanser a try…

The product has quite a clinical smell, so you know it’s going to work. The anti-bacterial foaming face wash pumps easily out of the bottle, and after a quick lather, it leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh without that ‘tight’ feeling you often get with other cleansers. It keeps my skin well clear of spots, without drying it out.

This is a great product, although at £10.49 per pop it’s not a cheap buy. I feel I must mention at this point that another fantastic option is Boot’s own range of Witch Oil Control Foaming Face Wash and Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash. I’ve used this range for years, they’re equally as effective at keeping your skin in top-notch condition, they’re gentle on the skin so excellent for those of us who suffer with sensitive faces…and at under £4 per product…they’re very purse friendly! Oh the options…


Bonjour Bourjois

Last week I treated myself to a Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick…and it is lovely. Available in a whole range of rich and romantically themed colours, the Rouge Edition has been ‘tested and approved by Fashion Editors; and more importantly…offers 10hrs of hydration for your lips!

I went for no.17 in the range (Rose Milliésime), a pinkie shade that’s glossy and fresh but not too vibrant – so can be worn anywhere without looking over the top. I used to go for completely Matte shades, but I find they are the worst offenders for drying out my lips, so this product was great for offering hydration and a full covering gloss, without being too shiny or ‘metallic’ which I hate!

After a week of on-off wearing, my lips are in great condition, I love the colour, and the packaging is very pretty too! What more could a girl ask for? Nice buy.

Moisture Match Me

Unfortunately, spring has not yet sprung; and my skin is really suffering in the cold weather! In the need of a good moisture boost, I picked up one of the new ‘Moisture Match’ moisturisers from Garnier, in the hope it would sort my dry patches out.

Available in five different variants, Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match creams boast a ‘new generation of 24hr tailor-made moisturisers for all types of skin. As I have fairly normal skin myself, I was swayed towards purchasing the ‘Illuminating Light Lotion’…anything to give me a little more glow in these gloomy seasons. What’s more, the cream is packed with SPF20, so when the sun does finally shine I’ll be ready!

On first application, I was slightly worried at how shiny it made my appearance, particularly as I was careful to not use a lot! But, after several minutes the cream had absorbed into my skin, leaving only a slightly dewy glow to my complexion!

After three days of usage my patches of dry skin have practically disappeared, and I feel my skin looks more radiant! Fabulous product, with several different options for dry, normal, oily or a variety of skin conditions there must be one suited for everyone!

The only tip I would recommend is to not apply it in the morning straight before you want to apply make-up…the product needs a few minutes airing on your face so you don’t look wet!

Cheap Treat

Boots Provitamin
I feel I must mention my latest amazing (and cheap) beauty find…Boots Provitamin Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner. Having used my regular shampoo and conditioner for a while now, I felt it was time to switch it up, as I read somewhere an occasional change was good for your hair?

Similar in appearance to Pantene’s range, Boot’s Provitamin shampoos and conditioners are available in Classic Care, Smoothing, Shine Enhance, 2 in 1 and the one I plumped for…Volumising.

Not expecting much, I was shocked to find my hair feeling thicker as I lathered it in and as soon as I got the hair dryer on it my hair looked and felt visibly more volumous, but also soft and silky. It’s quite possibly the first time I’ve ever noticed a shampoo and conditioner making my hair look and feel better…and at £1.99 per 400ml bottle…it’s a complete bargain!

Elnett gets Hot

Already a fan of L’Oreal hair products, I treated myself to the new ‘L’Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray’ for Curls yesterday in the hope it’d bring a little spring to my January-hair step. And honestly I was extremely happy with the results!

I gave my hair a thorough spritz from root to tip then combed out before tacking my hair with the hairdryer. I have to admit that halfway through drying my hands felt like I’d coated my hair in glue and I was slightly worried I’d end up with a greasy mess for a hair-do. But, with some resilience I found my hair doing exactly what I wanted it to…and the finished look was a salon looking blow-dry that made my hair look voluminous, curly and as if I’d already applied hair spray…so ultimately the finished look! Even better, there are four different sprays on offer: Curl, Straight, Wavy and Volume so no matter what your chosen style, there’s one for everyone.

Very pleased with this new revolutionary product from L’Oreal, and at £5.99 I’d say well worth the money if it saves you needing a professional blow-dry! Just be prepared to spend an extra 5-10mins more than normal working your hair with your dryer and a good barrel hair brush and you won’t be disappointed.

H-OPI Christmas

OPI - The Spy Who Loved Me
Santa must have seen me coveting the new OPI Skyfall collection as they wound up under my Christmas tree this year! The OPI Get Bond-Ed selection offers 3 fantastic new colours: The Spy Who Loved Me, Goldeneye and Skyfall. 

Day 1 Post-Christmas and it’s The Spy Who Loved Me…a beautifully festive rich red with a shimmering gold undertone…MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

Simply Brilliant…

Revlon Brilliant Strength
I am totally smitten with Revlon’s new Brilliant Strength range of nail enamel. No base or top coat required, the colour goes on smoothly, offering fantastic coverage and colour after just two applications. They don’t take long to dry and are pretty chip resistant; I’d say they last around 3-4 days! I picked up two, one in ‘Allure’ and the other ‘Provoke’…whoever said pastels were just for the summer? I am in love.