Elnett gets Hot

Already a fan of L’Oreal hair products, I treated myself to the new ‘L’Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray’ for Curls yesterday in the hope it’d bring a little spring to my January-hair step. And honestly I was extremely happy with the results!

I gave my hair a thorough spritz from root to tip then combed out before tacking my hair with the hairdryer. I have to admit that halfway through drying my hands felt like I’d coated my hair in glue and I was slightly worried I’d end up with a greasy mess for a hair-do. But, with some resilience I found my hair doing exactly what I wanted it to…and the finished look was a salon looking blow-dry that made my hair look voluminous, curly and as if I’d already applied hair spray…so ultimately the finished look! Even better, there are four different sprays on offer: Curl, Straight, Wavy and Volume so no matter what your chosen style, there’s one for everyone.

Very pleased with this new revolutionary product from L’Oreal, and at £5.99 I’d say well worth the money if it saves you needing a professional blow-dry! Just be prepared to spend an extra 5-10mins more than normal working your hair with your dryer and a good barrel hair brush and you won’t be disappointed.